Learnyounode passed 'verify' but can't proceed to the next exercise

I’m runnig learnyounode locally on my Linux Mint(problem with credit card).
I’m having this bug on first exercise ‘HELLO WORLD’.
When I run > learnyounode verify program.js it says that I passed test (#PASS Your solution to HELLO WORLD passed! ) and to type > learnyounode to get back to the menu, after i do that on the right side of HELLO WORLD highlighted area there is no COMPLETE and when i try to ignore this and go to the second exercise it’s getting me back to first one so I’m stuck.

Code in program.js is console.log(‘HELLO WORLD’);
program.js is in my project’s workspace.

Which version of Node are you using?

I’m using version 7.4.0 .

Paste your entire script here and I’ll check it locally. Surround your code with three back ticks (found to the left of the 1 key on the top of US keyboards, sometimes call the “grave accent”) like this:

 function awesomeCodeHere() {
   //... lalalalalalala

console.log(“HELLO WORLD”);

**//terminal stuff below after running >learnyounode verify program.js` ,comand.



HELLO WORLD (Exercise 1 of 13)

Your submission results compared to the expected:

             ACTUAL                                 EXPECTED                


"" == “”


Submission results match expected

PASS Your solution to HELLO WORLD passed!

Here’s the official solution in case you want to compare notes:


console.log('HELLO WORLD')

You have 13 challenges left.

Type ‘learnyounode’ to show the menu.


» To print these instructions again, run: learnyounode print
» To execute your program in a test environment, run: learnyounode run
» To verify your program, run: learnyounode verify program.js
» For help run: learnyounode help

Hm… It worked fine for me, but I’m only able to get node 7.3.0. It seems like there’s something very wrong with your install. I would uninstall learnyounode and reinstall. If that doesn’t work, I would open an issue on their GitHub page.