Legal documents needed to launch beta version

Hi everyone,

I’m launching the beta version of my first app soon and I think it would be wise to have terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy since we will be hosting some personal data - do you agree?

That being said, how do you typically go about it? i found a few website like Termly that can generate those documents but they look so advanced and the terms very complicated.

I’m thinking about generating them via. chatGPT and have something a bit more elaborate if the beta phase/launch are successful.


This is an incredibly bad idea. If you are handling personal data, there are rules regarding this, and you need to understand them - it’s your responsibility. Lots of this stuff is just common sense. If you screw it up and expose some important personal data, you will be liable. In that case, saying “it was a bit hard to understand so I got a text generator to generate something” isn’t going to help your case in any way. If you think it is going to be important to have a terms of service etc., and you don’t understand the legalities, this is what lawyers & their legal advice is for. It might not matter, but if you really think it will, if you really think it is important, then it’s on you to make sure it’s implemented properly.

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You should never trust ChatGPT with anything you personally don’t understand. Especially legal matters. A lawyer asked ChatGPT to write some briefs and was fined because of it.

Source: Lawyers submitted bogus case law created by ChatGPT. A judge fined them $5,000 | AP News

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