Lesson 1 not working

I’ve tried several times but the “Run Code” button just hangs. I have the correct output showing, but it will not go on to next lesson & continues to show “running”.

Can you show us your code so we may double check what you have entered is correct? Also, can you confirm that all conditions have been met when you do submit your code, or does it not even let you get this far?

I finally figured it out. Seems fCC doesn’t work with MS Edge. I’m having to use FireFox.
Don’t remember it not working before, I’ve restarted since so much has been added since I last looked at this.
Thanks, for the response!

FCC has completely rebuilt the site.

From the announcement

Unfortunately, MS Edge has chosen not to support all of the current JS and CSS standards. Safari has this problem as well to a lesser extent. If you become a web developer you will come to hate Microsoft browsers and Safari with every fiber of your being.

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thanks for that, I think I’m beginning to see that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m having a similar issue but on chrome mobile except it just say I’ve done it wrong. Theres really only one way to spell Hello World in English.

If you share your code and tell us what the failing tests say, we can help you.

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I actually got it figured out. I needed " " around Hello World. I’m still very much a noob. This site comes highly recommended so I’m glad I was able to get it finally. I thought it was either the site or my phone not scaling right. But it turned out to be user error. Thanks for reaching out.

freeCodeCamp does not work particularly well on mobile devices right now.

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My only option is mobile for now. I’m trying to find a cheaper ISP. Was tired of being raped. I’ll just have to make it work for now. Anyways. Thanks.