Lesson 50 - Creating a Quiz - Please help me to explain this step

Hi there,

I sadly fail to understand why it is required to add: margin-top: 0; into the code at step 50. It is not specified in the instructions. When I ommit it, it however is placed in the hint section. Is there something I missed in the instruction section?
Also the

margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

Would work, is that what I am supposed to do with ‘centering via margins’?

Many thanks in advance!

Please see image below:


It is mentioned in the instructions to centre the section.
To center a section, we use margin:auto.
The instructions also tell to give a margin-bottom of 10px.

Naturally( or Usually), the margin shorthand property is used where the margins are set to 0 , auto, 10px, auto.
It may be the reason, but I would agree with you that the instructions could have been more clear.

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It makes more sense now. Thank you for your fast and detailed reply!

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