Lesson learned... I would not recommend making a loop with 100 million and console.log it. cant even force close chrome

such lessons must be learnt i suppose

I am firmly of the opinion that writing code which locks up one’s computer is an essential rite of passage in coder training. Think of it as having just earned an achievement. :grin:


Try typing it here: (If stop doesn’t work you will have to close the tab)


We all did it at some point and felt like awesome hackers.

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“Your not a real programmer” unless you’ve caused a stack overflow or a browser to crash.

I’ll just leave this here.

P.S. ‘your not a real programmer’ is a joke and intended to poke fun at a stupid phrase that people who forgot what it’s like to learn programming use. There are no ‘fake’ coders. Lazy, ignorant and even plain bad ones ? yes. Not fake though.