Lesson on creating a function problem

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Based on the instructions for the challenge my code is correct or Im totally missing something obviously wrong with it. When I run the test on it it fails with the following message

// running tests
reusableFunction should be a function.
reusableFunction should output “Hi World” to the dev console.
You should call reusableFunction after you define it.
// tests completed //
console output
ReferenceError: reuseavleFunction is not defined
ReferenceError: reuseavleFunction is not defined

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function reuseableFunction() {
console.log('Hi World');

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Challenge: Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

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When I tried to copy paste the solution from the help section into the answer it also fails

you have typos:
first, your function name is

there is an extra letter there

it seems you have also written it this way somewhere

Thanks I did notice the second but I totally missed the first as I live somewhere that spells it reuseable and my brain just kept reading it as having an e in it.