Lesson update with React development

Hello, and thanks for this awesome resource.
Not sure it’s the right thread, I want to signal that for this lesson:
“Review Using Props with Stateless Functional Components”
the suggested solution :

TL DR: defaultProps on functional components will eventually be deprecated, so for future-proofing it’s worth using default parameters.

Welcome there,

Thank you, for taking the time to discuss this. I just want to link to relevant past discussion around outdated topics:

The Long and Short

  • The current curriculum version is old, but the next version (7.0) is being worked on.
  • In web development, it usually takes hardly any time for a well-covered topic/tool to be outdated, but the knowledge is not useless.
  • We are not updating the current curriculum lessons past bug fixes, because there is little bandwidth to do so, and even less benefit.

Hope this helps


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