Should I do the Front End Libraries?

I’m not 100% sure but I’ve read here somewhere sometime that these are outdated and they will get replaced?

If it’s true, when will this replacement happen? Also what to do?

The Front End Libraries cover a number of different topics:

  • Bootstrap: Based on Bootstrap 3 (outdated), but there’s not much difference between Bootstrap 3 and the current version (5)
  • jQuery: The library itself is outdated, the curriculum is not. jQuery is not particularly useful anymore since lots of its features have been added to Vanilla JavaScript by now. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to learn it (it’s not difficult), because you still see a lot of jQuery code floating around on the web
  • SASS: I’m not aware of any changes in SASS since the curriculum was created, so that should be totally up-to-date
  • React: Outdated, because it focusses on class-based components, while contemporary React has moved towards functional components. But just as with jQuery, you still see a lot of code written with class components, so it would make sense to learn them, too.
  • Redux: Should be mostly up-to-date, but for the Front End Libraries projects, it’s a little overkill. I’d learn that part once you’ve built React Apps with a certain level of complexity, that justifies the use of Redux.

I’m not sure when the new curriculum will be available, but you can’t really do anything wrong with the current version, even if it is a little old-fashioned here and there. Maybe start with Bootstrap and SASS (because those center around CSS, which you should already be familiar with), then proceed to jQuery (because it’s the easiest from the JavaScript libraries).


Outdated is better than nothing. Even outdated, you still get 90% usable material. And this business, things move so fast that all materials are very quickly outdated. And a lot of code out there is “outdated” so it’s important to learn anyway.

Yeah, I would do them. Then realize that you’ll want to cover some other things later.


not before a year or so, looking at some comments from Quincy Larson twitter. It is being worked on but it is a lot of work.

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Hi @Porphyrogennitos !

Frameworks and libraries are always changing so it is hard to constantly keep updating coursework.

Brad Traversy talked about this when he develops his courses for youtube and udemy.

I still think you should do the front end course.
Do the challenges and then read through the documentation for the latest changes.
The projects will be good practice.


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