Question about allowed libraries for Frontend projects

Hi guys! I have a doubt, I’m about to start the Frontend dev Libraries projects, and I need to know if is mandatory to use the libraries covered in this section. Specifically about jquery and bootstrap, I wanted to make the 5 projects in REACT, no jquery and using semantic-ui or just scss instead of bootstrap, that is ok or is mandatory using bootstrap?

You don’t have to use jquery or bootstrap.
Most people don’t use jquery anymore today.

Using react is just fine.

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hey @raven666 it’s not mandatory to use bootstrap or jQuery. it’s totally up to you what libraries you use for styling or animation, and it’s completely fine as long as you use your own logic for problems.
for example you can format time and date on your own, but there is also library for that (moment), for FCC projects don’t use so much libraries.
semantic-ui is similar to bootstrap so that’s ok

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