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Does anyone know by chance if wee need jQuery to complete the projects for the front end library certification? Thank you for sharing if you happen to know!

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Short answer, no.

You can use react or vanilla javascript.
Or jQuery.

Hope that helps!

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Cool! Thank you so much :slight_smile: That saves a lot of hours from having to learn jQuery since I have no urgent need for it atm…and it seems to be phased on from what I picked up in random places. And thank you for all the work that you do, Jessica!


jQuery is still used on a lot of older sites, and traditionally filled a gap that is today covered by browser modernization, where all browsers are standardized and the “ugly, different and confusing bits” are all covered up so JavaScript by itself works fine.

Something like fetch can be used to easily make HTTP calls on all modern browsers, where as using jQuery you could use its .http method. Without either of those two you’d be stuck with the lower-level XMLHttpRequest.

Or if you wanted to succiently iterate over an array, you could use forEach. Or with jQuery use its each function. Otherwise your stuck with the traditional for alternatives.

jQuery itself is largely a utility library that filled a niche, as such it ended up becoming incredible popular as “the” library you’d use, since odds are you’d want to use some of its parts.

Today, as you mentioned, most of those “niches” jQuery filled are handled directly by the browser. As such jQuery isn’t as needed anymore. Furthermore, today the way things are built for the web has changed, hence why modern frameworks like React, Angular and Vue all do a lot more than what jQuery ever did, or wanted to do.

So should you learn it, not really, but you should understand where it fits in the grand scheme of things and the benefits and disadvantages of it. That way if you do need to learn more about it, or even use it on an older code-base you know it isn’t magic, its just jQuery ;D

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