Should front end developer learn all front end frameworks?

I wouldn’t want to waste time learning those front end frameworks that are becoming obsolete or let me put it this way:
Does front end developer need to learn all the front end frameworks?
Take for instance: I learnt that jquery is loosing its popularity - So why would anyone want to learn such language?
I’m not sure whether I’m making any sense at all but I need enlightenment about this, please!

no, learn only what you are curious about or what is required at your job, or see what’s requested in your area in job postings… or what is used by the open source project you want to contribute to.

here on freecodecamp the framework taught is React. With also a side of libraries jQuery, Bootstrap and SASS.

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Thanks for reply. Sass and bootstraps appear to be centered solely on HTML/CSS while Jquery, Redux and Reacts encompasses all the front end technologies. I think learning at least either Sass or Bootstraps and one of either Redux or Reacts will be a good mix.

jQuery, Redux, Bootstrap and Sass are all libraries, not frameworks. They’re all collections of useful functions/functionality. You would learn/use them if they were needed for a task. They are extra things that may be helpful on top of JS/CSS.

React is also technically a library, but React (+ all the extra stuff it normally needs) does determine how you build an application, so is effectively a framework. And for that, it makes sense to ask “should I learn React”

Redux doesn’t do anything, it’s a tiny library for creating a data structure and storing/accessing the data stored in it.

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Thanks for the clarification. Having clear my haziness concerning libraries and frameworks; so I will like to ask: “should I learn reacts?”

not necessarily, there are also Vue and Angular that you can learn

it depends on the stuff above, popularity, usage, and stuff

but, yes, you should learn a framework if you want to do web development

Learn at least two different ones – you always want to have the perspective that there’s not just one way to do things, so that you’re more prepared when you do see an unfamiliar idiom. React, Angular, and Vue are “The Big Three”, and they’re all pretty different from each other. Pick a favorite and a runner-up and go from there.

Do at least get the basics down of one before jumping to another, don’t try to learn them all at once.

Works for all kinds of things really, not just programming.

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Thanks for your valuable tips.