Learning Web Developing... Overview. Please help

Please help me. I’m having problems determining how things work in learning web developing.

Do we need to make our own bootstrap? What are the things needed in web developing aside from html, css, jquery and javascript?

Please someone explain to me the work around in web developing…

Thank you all in advance.

From what I understand, HTML, JS, jQuery, and CSS is your bread and butter when it comes to Front End Web Dev and Design. Like with anything else, you’re going to need a solid foundation and understanding of these basics before you jump into other frameworks, libraries, etc.

I’m not saying you can’t but I think there’s a reason why most learn those 4 basics before they get into something like Angular or Ember.

Bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com/

You don’t need bootstrap or to remake it. Bootstrap is a framework to help you develop websites by providing code which you use to make user interface(UI) design. There are many frameworks to choose from and each have their own API, pros and cons. However, Bootstrap requires a large library to be included with your code and you may wish to use a native implementation of UI via flexbox. Likewise, jquery is also not necessary because you can code in vanilla js or use other js frameworks like react, angular, vuejs, etc. There are many choices for a ui framework and js framework, FCC teaches bootstrap and jquery but I have chosen to forgo learning these because the opportunity cost would reduce learning of react–the js framework I have committed to.

here is problem that after a few thing in html and css here in FCC,you are starting whit bootstrap and jq, and I also dont know if that is the right sistem to do,For me as a PRO begginer is difcult I touhgt that i need first to do and learn JS before bootstrp and Jquery…I am confused now, I dnt know if I need to continue here before I get very good in html and css.and JS Plese help , any advice?

I wrote a guide that may help you.

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Wow. Thank you all for the help. I think I will continue on this path.

Have a nice day, pipz!