Bootstrap Confusion

Why am i learning bootstrap if i don’t even know the fundamentals of CSS? it doesn’t make any sense.
I get that the course is trying to teach me how to build a mobile app and all but I need to know first how CSS works along with HTML. Jumping in right in to Bootstrap is confusing. because everything is already predefined and that makes it hard for me to understand what exactly I am doing. Where do I learn HTML and CSS fundamentals first so then I can understand bootstrap. I also understand that Bootstrap has something to do with Js aslo.



the fcc course isn’t really intended to focus on html/css, there is just enough taught so people brand new to it can get going. bootsrap is there becasue thats the quickest way to a reasonable front end website, html/css are only touched on.

I would recommend you find some external resource, there are loads on the web such as codecademy can get you started, or I can recommend a book too.

You can learn the basics at

This is a bootcamp, so things will go much faster. I think they’ve done a good job of basics
so far, given w3schools is where I learned years ago and boy has it changed! There’s really not
that much too it. Building a fluid design is much harder by hand and in the future the skills will help you,
but I would do the course and then go to W3 for deeper learning if needed. Regular HTML is boring!

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I agree with @MARKJ78 on this, get a copy of Jon Duckett’s HTML & CSS book, it’s an easy read and covers the essentials mostly. I also just picked up a copy of his other book, Javascript & Jquery and I’m a quarter through it.


FCC guides you in order to be able to ask the correct questions, so that you can learn on your own. The easiest way is to look at the documentation and google stuff that you don’t understand. If you want to learn more CSS, google CSS documentation, and don’t be afraid of not understanding.

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One of FCC’s biggest goals is to help you land a job, and Bootstrap is extremely in-demand. I had good luck with this series:

When the time comes to learn more about jQuery, this video is the BEST!


It’s frustrating at times but keep pushing until you get there. I’ve found the Mozilla Developer Network tutorials helpful for HTML and CSS basics.

Mozilla Developer Network

I agree with r-igle. Don’t expect much hand-holding here, particularly on topics like HTML, CSS. If you’re having trouble learning basic HTML&CSS, then JS will definitely overwhelm you.
Basic Bootstrap does not require JS, it’s only necessary when you want to use its plugins, some external themes, external plugins, etc

Ill figure it out. No worries.