Is Bootstrap is necessary/Must to learn Front End Development

I learnt HTML5,CSS and JavaScript .now Iam wondering weather I should Learn jQuery or Bootstrap .Iam willing to start with jQuery. Can anyone help me?

It is not neccessary to learn Front End Development, but many jobs may expect you to understand how the syntax of Bootstrap and how to work with it.

Bootstrap is a CSS library, so if you want to learn more about how to use a popular CSS library, you should learn Bootstrap (version 3 or 4). jQuery is an older JavaScript library and is still present in many projects out there today. There are newer libraries you could learn (React, Vue, Angular) which many companies are starting to use. Before some of the newer features of ES6 and ES7, jQuery made certain tasks such as working with AJAX very simple. If you have learned how to built some projects in plain JavaScript, do some research and see if you can recode them in jQuery to practice working in a library vs. pure JavaScript.

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Thank-you soo much…