Front end web development/ Career Advice

Happy New Year to y’ll , am done with html/css , i started 2 months ago. My focus is on front end web development for now . so apart from JavaScript , which other languages should I learn , my goal is to be a professional web developer in the next one Year , am currently in my second year studies .Any advice please…

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JavaScript is the language of the web , so you are on the right way but these days a framework is a must, it doesn’t have to be the one in the fcc curriculum

  1. React.js
  2. Angular
  3. jQuery
  4. AngularJS
  5. Vue.js
  6. Ember.js
  7. Backbone.js
    yea that’s for sure , a friend of mine recommended these frameworks , which ones would you recommend in particular??

no one in particular, it depends on what you are interested in, what niche you want to find yourself in, what is most used where you want to find a job…

Free Code Camp teaches React
and jQuery, but that’s a library

I’d recommend items 1, 2 and 5 – that is, React, Angular, and Vue. The other frameworks are more or less obsolete. Of these, React tends to be the simplest and easiest to learn.

jQuery is more of a utility toolkit than a true framework, and still useful for quick and dirty tasks, but the fact that it’s incompatible with any of the three frameworks I mentioned (it can’t get at their virtual DOM elements) makes it less than ideal for modern web apps.

You are on the right track you just need to focus on JavaScript in my opinion because I am likely like you , I started to learn from html & css . Now I am learning JavaScript. :slight_smile:

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React, Angular and Vue are the “big three” werb frameworks, with React being the most popular, Angular 2nd and Vue last when it comes to job opportunities. All three are frameworks designed around building Single Page Applications(SPA) which relies on JavaScript to “build” the website on the client-computer. This is a different than the traditional approach of Server Side Rendering (SSR), were the web page is “built” by the server and sent more or less as-is to the user.

JQuery is a utility library to handle common tasks around JS. FreeCodeCamp has some lessons for its use. Its great for simple use-cases, and was originally created to handle differences in different browser API’s. This problem isn’t as much of a problem today, and the “big three” frameworks all handle what JQuery handles, but better. (along with being able to handle other stuff) JQuery still is used if your building a website using SSR and only need a little JS to handle some dynamic elements here and there.

Frameworks AngularJS, Ember.js and Backbone.js are the “legacy” frameworks which were created before the “big” three came to be, and thus have an older approach. Generally job prospects for these are pretty low.

If your goal is to be a professional web developer in 1 year I recommend picking either React or Angular as your framework of choice. Between the two see what jobs are available for where you want to work and focus on that. Generally Angular is harder to learn due to a number of features and design decisions integrated into the framework from the get-go, where-as in React you have more freedom/choice on how to design your application beyond just “how to render the UI”. Due to this, React is generally more popular currently.
For example Angular uses rxjs/Reactive Programming, TypeScript, Dependency Injection, its own internal module system and has features such as pipes, directives, and services. None of which React has by default.

VueJS has been compared to AngularJS as its “better version”, and is probably the most flexible and open of the three, but its also the most “risky” to learn due to the fact it isn’t backed by any major company (Facebook maintains React, and Angular is maintained by Google) which is one reason it isn’t used as much professionally.

Regardless of what frameworks you focus on you need to focus on learning and being sufficient with JavaScript. There is no getting away from the fact JS is the language of the web.

If you want to choose another language I actually recommend don’t and focus on learning nodejs. Nodejs is another JS runtime that allows developers to run JS code outside of the browser. Its used to build back-ends, which offers the benefits of potential code sharing between the client and server-sides, and allows developers to focus on 1 language.

Finally, if your goal is to be full-stack, learning a database technology is also important. Either pick an SQL(mysql, mssql, etc) language to interface with nodejs, or a NOSQL language (mongo).

1 year is not much time, so focusing on the important stuff is paramount. Its not impossible to get sufficiently good in 1 year, but it isn’t easy either.

Good luck! :smile:


Start with Vue.js. it’s quit easy & lightweight.

Brad’s advice is the best in accordance with your time frame. In addition it does not matter which company you work in or which frameworks or libraries you work upon, what matters is which project you work upon.