Let’s discuss your “Chart the Stock Market”

Greetings, Fellow Campers!
This topic is for listing and review of Chart the Stock Market project built as a part of FCC challenges.

  • Post reviews as a specific reply to the link which you are reviewing.

Project Link => https://watchstocks-fcc.herokuapp.com/
Source Code => https://github.com/AungMyoKyaw/watch-stocks

Because I can’t delete forum posts.

Project Link --> https://brusbilis.com/freecodecamp/v1/apps/stock/stock.html

Source Code --> https://github.com/brusbilis/freeCodeCamp/tree/master/v1/back-end/web-apps/stock

project link: https://jia-fcc-stockchart.herokuapp.com/
source code: https://github.com/antipasjiajia/fcc-stockchart

Front-end: React + Semantic UI React
Back-end: Express.js + MongoDB
Public API: quandl stock API

Project link: https://stock-tracker.glitch.me
Github: https://github.com/Motardo/stocks

I used Highcharts.js, yahoo-finance, express and socket.io

Hello mates, here is mine.

Glitch-me - https://mgjean-stockjs.glitch.me/
Github - https://github.com/mgjean/stockjs

Have a great day mates.

Ok, here is mine

app- https://stockapp-chart.herokuapp.com/
github - https://github.com/tcar/stock-chart

app: http://knik-fcc-stocks.herokuapp.com/
github; https://github.com/nikrb/fcc-stocks

feedback/code reviews welcome :slight_smile:. If you’re inclined please create a github issue when you find a bug.
thanx for your time,

Finally got done with this beast.
link: https://dereje-stock-charts.herokuapp.com/
repo: https://github.com/Dereje1/Stock-Charts

Although this seemed easier at first it totally was hard, seemingly small problems took me days to solve. It started with trying to find a decent charting package, then after I settled with Highstocks it took me a while to make it play nice with react. Then I had issues finding a place to get decent historical data, I cheated a bit on that by looking at where other campers were getting their data and settled with quandl. Since there was no authentication required I did not use redux in this project, which made life a little easier as making the components was not too bad once highstocks was playing nice, the only part was that I aimed to hit the database only once, on componentDidMount, quandl however has issues with getting alot of information at the same time so I had to time the requests. Then, after I thought everything was done , I went to review the user stories and realized that I did not read the web sockets part, and that is when the nightmare started all over again. All in all, im glad i’m done with this!

React + Socket + Express Web App

Project => https://jolav.me/freecodecamp/old/apps/stock/stock.html

Source Code => https://github.com/jolav/freeCodeCamp/tree/master/old/apps/stock

App https://stocklooks.herokuapp.com
Code https://github.com/lfaudreejr/CompareStockTrends

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