My Stock Market App, with auto suggestion

Hello every one,

Please check out my Stock Market App at

  1. Live:
  2. Source:

Front end

  • React, for components
  • HighStock for charting
  • RegExp to implement a simple auto-suggestion for stock codes

Back end

  • Express
  • Use Server Sent Event (SSE) instead of websocket


  • None

Stock data API

Build tool

  • Webpack

Feedback are welcome :pray:t2:

What I have learned:

  • A charting library, HighStock, for displaying stock data
  • Difference between websocket and SSE. I decided to use SSE as it’s appropriate for this purpose
  • How to synchronise data between client and server in (almost) real time, this part took me the longest to reason about and code the logic in React components
  • This project seems deceptively simple as first compared to the Voting App and Nightlife App. There is no login, no database needed. But it turned out to be as challenging in a different way.
  • Tried to develop in http2, but Express js doesn’t seem to fully support it.
  • A new server library, Fastify: It’s fast but I stumbled over a little problem with their static middleware. The developer quickly acknowledged it. So in the end, I reverted back to Express js.

This project took me 19 hours over 6 days
Of which, 10 hours were spent on reading about websocket, http2, SSE, Fastify server, stock market in general