Let’s discuss your “Task Scheduler”

Feedback on Task Scheduler in Angular 4 and Electron

First sorry for using the title like that, but i really need feedback and with the title above no one was looking at it, next let me explain a bit on the project.

I’m making an open source task scheduler app as cross-platform desktop app through Electron, it uses Angular 4 and Webpack, i plan to make tasks for API’s, executing js scripts, shell scripts, logging, email notifications, and maybe web crawling.

So far only logging to console and simple API task are up, working on Email notifications, and i would like some feedback on current state.

Just clone branch develop, run npm i to install, and npm run server:browser:hmr to run in browser, or run npm s to let it start in electron.

Branch feature/email-notifications is the most recent, but is a WIP, maybe some feedback there would help, though it will only work inside Electron (needs node.js).

Here it is, take in account it’s a WIP, i might add plugin support in the future, but currently i see it hard for Angular to allow such malleability, maybe it would be easier in React?: