Let the job search begin!

Decided to jump in and start looking for a front end job. So far I have applied in job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn as well as setting UpWork. To be honest I’m not even sure if Front End Developer is the right job title to be looking for or where should I start. So far I have been looking for a job for 2 weeks in LA and nothing… so yeah. I’m putting my portfolio page maybe I can get some feedback and tips on what I should do next or where to look. Thanks!!


Apply for everything that sounds like what you’re wanting to do. Be prepared! I received 2 job offers simultaneously and in both cases had to complete a small project as part of the interview process in addition to several discussion. Build stuff in your spare time. I used some of my Codepens, including FCC projects for samples to show potential employers. Finally, don’t get frustrated. I’ve heard of people getting jobs very quickly and some that take much longer. If you want it bad enough, stay strong and go get it.

Forgot to mention, Upwork can be ok, but generally low paying to devs without reputation. Codepen/Shoptalkshow have a great job board (its where I found my current job). Churches, restaurants, other local businesses may need services.

Best of Luck!!
-4trio19 :pineapple:


Hey thanks for the tips! I will keep trying and hoping to get that first job. I looked into those job boards you mentioned and I applied to a bunch of places already. Thanks!

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I think your site looks pretty good. Just by viewing your portfolio I can see all of your work is on the front-end. I would apply to anything web related but focus more on front-end work. Maybe try and add an additional project or two to your site. This might sound a bit trivial but add your portfolio site to your list of projects. You still built it on your own so it really is an additional project. I did the same. Good luck on your search and keep us posted on how things are going. Oh by the way, creddle.io is a great place to build a nice resume as well. It’s free, too!

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thanks for the tips. I will add more projects. Also thanks for the resume builder site! I was having a hard time making my resume and creddle.io really helped!

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