Line commenting in codepen is now block commenting

Hey there,

I’m working on my wiki search website, and am getting frustrated. The shortcut on my mac for line commenting was cmd+/ but now this shortcut always does a block comment… I’ve been through all the settings and checked online but can’t seem to find an option or anything that would change the hotkeys. Maybe someone knows of this issue or could point me in the right direction?

ps. cmd+opt+/ also block comments but it opens a block comment, and doesn’t actually comment anything out

just in case here’s the wiki search webpage im working on.

I just tried it… cmd+/ comments html lines as

<!--   -->

On CSS, cmd+/ comments it as

/*   */

and on JS, cmd+/ comments it as


If more than one line is selected in JS, all line are commented out with //

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omg. your absolutely right… for some reason i thought commenting for css was the double slash. Must have been really out of it, thanks!

If you’re using LESS or SASS CSS preprocessor , then these are valid comments.

/* ...
    block of comment

// line comment
// line comment

dude you are my hero… For my weather app i had SCSS preprocessor and didn’t switch to it for the wiki project. thanks a ton.