Link to FCC profile page error

Just run first test on Personal Portfolio page.
8. My portfolio should have a link with an id of “profile-link”, which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab.
expected ‘LI’ to equal ‘A’
AssertionError: expected ‘LI’ to equal ‘A’
at Function.n.equal (

The page opens so I don’t undertand the problem.

Also I don’t understand the html error message about "please use spaces for indentation. The only way to fix it is take out all indentation, which the guidelines say we should have.
Thanks for you assistance.
Martin Nicol

Your browser information:

User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36.

Personal Protfolio page test


Your profile-link id is on the <li> element - the tests look for it to be on the <a> element.

The “Please use space for indentation” is a CodePen thing - it expects you to indent your code with the spacebar instead of the tab key.

Thanks for the reply. I moved the id to the a and now it’s saying:
expected ‘LI’ to equal ‘A’. So what now?

Regarding the HTML:
Yes, putting spaces in quietened the error, I had trid that before and it hadn’t work but thanks for now. I am surprised that even if you use the format html, under that arrow, the analyse html still complains. Is there a setting I can change so these two facilities agree with each other.

I am showing that error is resolved, on my end. The only tests still failing are the first and third under the Layout section.

Okay, thanks, I will reload the page.

Thanks again for that , I am now having trouble with the media query aspect. The project tiles will not stack, I have tried every thing I can think of.

I have been trying all night to get the projects to stack vertically when I go down to mobile size. It happened once when I choose block but that was above the media query. I have done this exercise in flex box practice pen. I can’t believe is such a problem.
Your help would be appreciated.
Martin Nicol

It’s okay I solved it.


Instead of making a second topic for your same project, it’s often helpful to continue the discussion on your current topic. That way, the users who are already helping you will be notified that you have additional questions. :slight_smile:

Yes I get a bit lost with the support process. I had finished the first part, so I wasn’t sure where to start again. I waited a few hours and asked in a second place. And then I found the solution.
Thanks again, I do get flustered though.