Linkedin how to make contacts

FCC makes you create a linked in so you could make contacts with other developers or job recruiters
so how do you introduce yourself do you take them for coffee or something I made a couple of contacts but just don’t know how to introduce myself

You write some buzzwords in your profile then if you write the correct ones and you’re within the right geographic area recruiters trawling for commisions will contact you. If you get it right you will get swamped by recruiters. It’s not so useful if you’re looking for your first job, recruiters will generally ignore you because you are less likely to land a comission. LinkedIn is p cool tho, it is like Facebook if Facebook was entirely populated by tech recruitment agents. It does fun stuff like sell all your personal data, or spam people in your address book even after you tell it to stop.

I’m still getting a handle on this too, but I like to search for people in my area with similar skills (or skills that I want to learn more of) and then try to “add them to my network”.

But don’t use the standard template. Instead, something short and sweet like “Hi [their name]. I’m currently interested [UX Design] and notice that you have some good experience in it. If possible, I’d like to connect and possibly ask a few brief questions about the industry. I promise not to take up your busy schedule. Thanks, --[my name]”

Obviously, change it so it sounds more like you and less like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think Im going to use that… just will copy/paste with bracket notations and all :joy: Really though, Im still getting the hang of LinkedIn myself here even though Ive been on there for many years. I will say that it does work for making connections though, I worked as a manufacturing sales rep for many years, got a lot of emails from recruiters and even just random companies and manufacturers about job opportunities. So without really trying, I did get a lot of contacts.

Now that Ive changed my profile though, the viewership on my profile dropped to like…nothing LOL Im guessing that either Im not yet coming up in searches (it took awhile, a couple months at least before I started getting contacts for sales jobs) or Im not using enough relevant keywords…though I cant imagine what else I need to add to my profile. I did get a message from my first tech recruiter on Monday, but he seemed shady. He has beady eyes. So I didnt reply lol sigh