Linking HTML to Javascript?

Hi everyone.
I have been recently starting a new project outside of fcc / codepen / etc. and was wondering how I go about ‘importing’ as such my html file into the js file? I have done this recently and I do know it involves import ...something... in the .js file, but cannot recall exactly what.
I hope this makes sense, and am hoping I can get some help on this.

For simple front-end projects, you’d usually do this the other way around (link to the .js file from your .html file. You do that like this:

<script src="./path/to/javascript/file.js">

For example, in a flat directory structure like this:


Your HTML would contain this:

<script src="./script.js">

You can import other JavaScript modules into a JavaScript file using import, but that’s not supported by all browsers by default yet. It’s not used for importing HTML files.

ok, so as long as I link into the html file, using the script tag, I don’t need to import anything into the js file, unless I was to import another js file??


If you’re still confused, try googling HTML JS CSS boilerplate hello world or similar.

Ok cool! Thankyou for your help!!