List All route add to server

While not required by a user story, I felt this microservice needed a rout to list all saved Short URLs. So I added aroutefor this and used an ajax call from the landing page, triggered by a button to provide such a list.

Nice, maybe list them in reverse order, so the most recent is at the top?

Other things to consider: What will this look like when you have 1000 entries? Do you paginate or show only the most recent entries?

Nice idea :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I didn’t put a lot of thought into this addition. Wanted to do something rather quick. I spent more time figuring out ajax calls and parsing objects inside an array and loading up into a dynamic bootstrap grid than it should have taken… but these are great observations. Thanks again!

Those sorts of issues are part of the user stories for the image abstraction layer challenge anyway, so you’ll get to do them soon if you haven’t already!