Load youtube playlist with javascript. (sometimes it shows one thing as an array, sometimes it shows it as an object)

I am trying to feed off a youtube playlist into the webpage, this is the response I get from the API call:

notice that “items” is an array in the picture.

but the result i get from: console.log(typeof data.items);

is object

in this picture it shows data.items is array

so what it is then?? Array or object?

this is my code:

Load Playlist

function loadPlayList(data) {

  console.log(typeof data.items);

    function (item, index, array) {

      var thumbnail = data.items.snippet.thumbnails.medium.url;

      document.getElementById('youtube_playlist').innerHTML = `
      <div class="individual_list_item">
      <img src="${thumbnail}" alt="video_thumbnail_placeholder" class="thumbnails">
      <div class="video_descriptions">
        <h4 class="playlist_titles">Video Titles</h4>
        <p class="playlist_descriptions">asd</p>



oh shit,. I forgot that array is a type of object…