Local Weather App - 75% Javascript

Hey guys, just finished my Local Weather App Project and as always I’m looking for some feedback to help me improve!

Codepen link is here Local Weather App

As the title states, the project is about 75% Javascript (with a switch statement about a mile long) with styles that change based on the location specified.

The weather API I used (OpenWeatherMap) had JSON responses of cities and countries, so if you use the search input, it will most likely return major cities like Dallas, TX instead of Dallas, GA.

Nicely done, it is really cool.

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Thanks for positive feedback!

This looks really good! The effort you put into it via the conditionals really makes it shine. While I commend you for your mile-long switch clause, WeatherIcons actually has a binding for Open Weather. All you need to do is set the class for the icon to be wi-owm- + weather ID. Can’t fault you for your commitment to excellence, though :thumbsup:

Wish I would have known that before I spent probably 30 minutes typing all those cases out…

Thank you though I’ll see if I can change it up a bit!