Local Weather App feedback MVP done will refactor gain more knowledge of bootstrap

This app checks all the user story boxes.

Background color changes based on temp ranges.
Icon appears when the FCCweather api is not overloaded.
It converts C to F and back again.

I got frustrated with my getjson attemps so I used a vanilla JS AJAX request.
I also had some issues with codepen allowing me to access api but it worked fine using atom and sublime so I uploaded it to my github page.

I would like to refactor that part and possibly add a feature where an embeded google map can be clicked the coords can be grabbed and sent to the weather api.

Feedback welcome!
Get your local weather!

For me the app shows the right location and temp. Maybe you can get the location when you load the page without the need of the get location btn.

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Updated with windowload thanks for tip and a google street view based on place name

I was going to use the coordinates from HTML geolocator api but many places do not have a streetview image drilled down to the exact coordinates my house for instance… so I went with the name property for the FCC API.

@sorinr Thanks for quick response!