Local Weather App - Gnovakov

I Just finished my Local Weather App. - I used Pure Javascript and no jQuery at all to do this one!

I created Changing backgrounds and Changing icons to make it a little more interesting.

This was a fun one with some challenges but got it working, took me about 3 days on and off to get it done, a couple hours Friday, a couple hours Monday, and almost all day Tuesday.

What do you think?

Some issues, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work on Codepen, I created it out of Codepen where it worked perfectly, it would load a bit slow on chrome occasionally but on Opera it was perfect, on Codepen it sometimes has API loading issues but no console errors?


Nice design :+1:
I noticed a couple of things. If I resize the window, the image is not responsive so horizontal scroll bars appear. A minor problem but I think CSS can solve this.
I can’t remember how at the moment!

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Ah yeah, I totally forgot about that, I was concentrating on the functionality etc… forgot to go back and make it responsive, thanks for reminding me! :grinning:

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