Local Weather - geoip is blocked by Opera adblock


Here’s my website: https://zelite.github.io/Local-Weather/

It works good on chrome. I’m getting the location with navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition() and if that fails (because the user may refuse to give the location), it falls back to use the following geoip api: https://geoip.nekudo.com/api/

The problem is, on the Opera browser there is a built in adblocker (both on mobile and desktop browsers) and it blocks the geoip request.

Why is this being blocked by operas adblocker? =/ Chrome with adblock does not complain.

There are ways of disabling adblock from within Opera:

This will not make your app viewable within Opera on other users’ machines, though.

Possibly this site is on the blacklist of this adblock. It often happens that when too many ads are placed on new sites, that is, the site is less than 1 year old and there are few visitors, and there are many advertisements. Try changing the adblock. I know several good adblocks where certainly no such problems can occur, they analyze the sites better, and update the data very often. I urge you to read about ad blockers, that is, about a ranking made with the best adblocks for google chrome. I hope I helped you with something.