Localhost:3000 keeps loading in react.js

After running the command “npm start” in the terminal … It keeps loading like that :

Any Suggestions ???

I tried many things like opening another project, using a different port (3001), killing all ports, using another Browser, Restarting my Laptop, etc but the problem remains. No project can be opened to the browser. The browser keeps on loading forever. Does anybody know what I can do in this case?

npm start is just an alias for some command that you’re running in the terminal. So you’re just saying “run whatever command I have defined under ‘start’ in the package.json of the project I am using npm to handle”.

As this could be literally anything at all, you need to provide a little bit more information

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More information like ???

I have just converted an simple bootstrap template into react and trying to run in the local host but the thing is … its keep loading

I have done this many times but I don’t know … why its not working this time because its never happen before !

You have {some project that uses npm} and in the package.json, under “scripts”, there is an entry that’s been given the name “start”, which does {something that involves starting a server}. That it uses one specific js library (React) doesn’t say what anything you’re trying and failing to run is, that’s what I mean by more information.

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As said, we really do not have much to go on here. Without seeing the project code it’s pretty hard to help. Do you have a repo with the code?

What about a fresh create-react-app does that work for you?


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