Help understanding `npm start` in create-react-app

So when I have a project created using create-react-app and I want to see it live, I type npm start in the terminal. So far so good.

But what is happening when I forget to do ctrl c before shutting the terminal? Does start or whatever is going on keep running forever? How do I shut it off once I closed the terminal window?

I’m in Windows 10


yes it basically opens a port(3000 for create-react-app) on your device in your localhost (

this might help.

So is it just a matter of closing the port, or do I also need to stop a process? If it’s not obvious, I don’t really understand what is going on. :sweat_smile:

ports opened by npm get closed once you restart your pc and processes related to that may also end :upside_down_face:

Ah, ok.

I think I have figured out that it is the node.js processes running in the task manager. Thanks!!

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