Login page Feedback

Hi coders!!!
I created this login page (only HTML and CSS) a month ago.
I ask for feedback if I need to improve something
Thanks :bowing_woman:

LINK: Login page

It is natural . It may have the Submit button and
you typed <input type=“text” for password , but for password you should type
<input type=“password”

Thanks for your advice.
In fact, I didn’t put the button correctly.
I will work it:

UPDATE: I created the button “Submit” and i added javascript funtion (It’s onclick method)

Nice as a basic login.
Maybe the next thing you can add is to make both fields required. Currently: both fields being blank gives a successful login message.

I also quite liked the regular expressions lessons on freeCodeCamp where you are asked to test password strength. Maybe use a bit of that.

You’re right @Samir70, I have to add fields required.
It will be next step!!!