Animated contact form

Hi Coders
Just created this Animated Login Form using CSS3
give me some advice please

It looks pretty good.

  1. The button hover effect is a little too much if you ask me, maybe tone it down a bit.

  2. It might be nice with some validation feedback. Custom validation is something you can look into.

  3. Personally I would right align the submit button.

Nice job.

Thanks so much , your advices are valuable :grinning:

It’s looking great man . Everything perfect . I love that styling . :slight_smile: Keep going

Your <label>s are missing the for attribute.

At bigger text sizes the text I type in starts to overlap the label text.

Use ‘em’ for the width of .login-box. That way it grows with the text size.

If you are going to use an <a> for the button then you’ll need to add all the accessibility features that a button would offer.

thanks for your help i fix that as soon as possible :grinning: