Reviews on an basic css UI form. :)

Worked on an ‘UI based Login Form’ using basic css and materialize .Trying to grasp a solid base of each css framework. Next gonna jump to Bulma CSS.
Anyway reviews are welcome on this UI :slight_smile:

wow nice love it!

keep it up good job.

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Thanks there :slight_smile: . Glad you like it .

This form looks really good.

Only suggestion I can think of is the transition for the “Login” looks a lot smoother than the transition for the “Create your account”. I’m not sure exactly what it is, maybe the color transition or the speed is a little different?

Good job on the form though! It really does look pretty awesome.

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Thanks for the review. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: And I also think ,that button could be improved a bit . I’ll modify it to the best i can .