Looking for a female coding buddy

Hi everyone!

I’m Carrie. A 40 something mama from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I’ve always had an interest in code. I finally decided to do something about it. I am wondering if there are any other 40 something ladies out there looking for a coding buddy?
I am going to begin Responsive Web Design. I’m thinking learning alongside someone using Slack may make things go a little easier.

Happy New Year!


Hello, I am obviously not a 40 something female, but I thought I would throw at a few ideas just incase. I see you are familiar with slack, are you by chance familiar with discord as well? People are usually eager to find someone to work with, or learn with. If you have a Facebook I would say try Facebook groups if you have not already. I know there are a few groups on there as well. Wish you the best of luck!

Hey! I am a female, 20 y.o but I took a different course: JS Algorithms & Data Structures.
If you are interested, answer me!

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Hi Carrie,
I’m a mum of two approaching 40 in the next few months. I live in Melbourne Australia so may not be around for real-time chats. I’m relatively new to coding and I’d be happy to buddy up. I’ve begun Responsive Web Design here and will be beginning a software engineering course in late Jan - which is to say that I’ll be moving through things quite quickly once the course starts.
I use Slack but didn’t know you could connect outside of a workspace. Reach out if you want to connect.

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Hello there! My goal is to work my way through the list of courses. Knowing more people working through them is always nice. :slight_smile:

Hello there.
Wow you have quite a lot on your plate! I am a mum of one and I am constantly kept on my toes. I would love to connect. I tend to do a lot of replying after as well. I have yet to meet anyone locally with an interest in code. Plus I am a mama with only so many hours in a day Lol.

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Thank you so much these are great suggestions. I do know discord I just never thought to look there. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, what did I do with my time pre-kids? Have you started Responsive Web Design? Send me a message and let me know how you’d like to connect as you work your way through.

I hope you have good luck in finding a coding buddy, because pair coding is a very good approach. You have a permanent second-set-of-eyes, and you can do fun things like taking turn on lines, something like ‘telephone game’ meets coding, and what not else.

Hey Carrie! I am looking for a coding buddy! I can start with the Responsive Web Design with you and I can make a slack channel if you’d like :slight_smile: I’m 35 and also a mama to some amazing kids. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Hey, @heroisaprinciple you took a course on JS data structures and algorithms? I’m currently taking the course and I don’t mind having someone to discuss a few problems with.

Hi Carrie! I’m 40+ and am looking for a coding buddy as well! Let me know if you are still interested. I use Slack daily for work so that’s perfect for me. I can also use Discord if that works for you.

Hi Karoline! I wish I could remember what I did when I had more time too. I am not entirely sure if I can send PM so I thought I would respond this way. I did start the responsive web design. It is not nearly as tough as I expected but it definitely has had its moments. Lol.
I had to take a few days off waiting out our massive snow storm but I am finally able to settle back in and get to work again. How are things going on your end of the course?

Hi Amy!
The more the merrier for coding buddies. It helps keep with the motivation. I would absolutely love to connect on Slack. I am still getting used to using the forums here.

Hi MsChelly.

I am still new to Slack but I do use it if you would like to connect that would be great.

Hi, i am 24 years old but in gmt+3 timezone, feel free to contact me

you can rather ask for a codder 40 somthing and lady and all is little too much to ask for I Think :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hello Carrie, I’m kay, also a female looking for code buddy. I’m a bit overwhelmed with learning alone it makes me a bit lonely and harder to find a solution when I get stuck. I attend bootcamp but I don’t think it’s enough for me to be job-ready. I would like to connect if you don’t mind!
I started JS Algorithms& data structures ( I kinda skipped responsive web bcs I got them already during bootcamp but I will do that when I got stuck in js algorithms)

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hey, I’m the same age. Also a female. I have just started to learn coding. I have also done 2 courses on python. I would love to work along with you. I really need a support system. Let e know if you are interested and we’ll figure something out.

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Today is my very first day and I am starting at the beginning. Literally. I am a 50-something mom in the United States and totally hoping I am not in over my head. Not sure how much help I could be, but if you need another lady to bounce things off of, I’m here.

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