Looking for a program to create html/css websites offline

Hello WebDevers!

I’m still very new to web development (still working on react and redux, and I can’t say I’m too comfortable with bootstrap yet…) but I’d love to be able to work offline, and keep my projects local. I’d also love a simple program that does more than a basic text editor. Does anyone have any recommendations for something that will let me see the website as I’m editing it (not unlike codepen.io) that also helps me with markup, points out simple errors, and is free? I know there must be some out there. I’ve tried notepad++, visual studio, and sublime text editor. I couldn’t even create a project in VS, and on notepad and sublime I wasn’t able to see the project as I was editing it.

Thank you for any recommendations.


Was it Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code you tried? What was the issue you had?

I would suggest Visual Studio Code using the Live Server extension which gives you live browser reload. For react projects using create react app you don’t need the extension.

I’d also suggest installing the Prettier extension to get a code formatter, it can also help catch some errors. There are also code linters, like ESLint etc. you can install as extensions for different languages. For the HTML, I would just run it through an online validator when you are done to check the markup.

I’d also strongly suggest learning Emmet (video)

There are a bunch of tutorials on VS Code on YouTube, like basic use, extensions and so on.

Thank you, I will give it a try when I get home. I did indeed NOT download VS code, so that explains a lot…