Looking for feedback on first project

Hi, I would highly appreciate if anyone could give me some feedback on the code behind my first project.

I’m currently doing an online course, but I feel I’m struggling with css a bit, so decided to make this just to get in some practise. I’ve tested for mobile responsivness and everything seems to be working. Just not sure if I’m picking up any bad practises along the way :smiley:

It’s nothing special, just a static html/css home page for a fake company. I’m not overly bothered about the image quality as it’s not going to be added to my portfolio. Neither am I bothered about the overall template at the moment as I’m pretty certain I’ll develop my own styles the more I practice.

Thanks in advance.

Site: https://michael86.github.io/
files: https://github.com/michael86/michael86.github.io

Wow! awesome for your first project!

You’re really good with colors and layout.

The dashed borders should be solid for a better look.

  • It looks good, though for me the design feels a bit old fashioned.
  • I suggest to have a look at BEM principles for CSS. That doesn’t mean that what you did is wrong, but it is good to know about it and perhaps already start practicing with it.

@ConnerOw1115 Cheers :slight_smile: I’ll change the border and see how it looks.

@michel-z cheers for the advice, I will look into bems in a moment. As for the design, yeah it is a bit of an out dated style, I wasn’t really going for anything nice. I really just wanted to put what I had learnt regarding css into practise as at the moment I feel it’s my weakest point. I’ve started learning js aswell and have added a few modern things to another project I’m working on. For instance, a static top nav bar that has a background color fade in on scroll.

I’ve done script developing for a gaming comunity in the past using lua and am pretty fluent in that, so having experience with that is helping me pick up javascript pretty quick. It’s all just logic and data manipulation at the root of it. So I really want to get a good grasp on css before moving on to more indepth stuff like making images fade in on focus and so on.

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