Looking for feedback on Intermediate Projects

Below are a few links to the various projects from the Intermediate Project section of FCC. I would love some feedback on either the code and/or the design.

Local Weather: https://codepen.io/nick_voso/pen/xXwpYw – bit curious as to why it works on Microsoft edge but not on Chrome as well.

Quote Generator: https://codepen.io/nick_voso/pen/rGVZEL – used an Array instead of an API and might look into switching it up but any other feedback is welcome.

Wiki Viewer: https://codepen.io/nick_voso/pen/qPbKpj – it currently only works for pressing the search button, how would I make it work along with the Enter button as well?

Twitch: https://codepen.io/nick_voso/pen/QqNKyM – it works as is but any advice in regards to cleaning it up or helping the columns look better would be appreciated.

Thanks for any and all help, it is truly appreciated.

@nick-voso These projects look good! I like the color schemes you chose. I haven’t done these projects myself, so take my comments as suggestions only as they may not fit into the project specifications.

The functionality of your Quote Generator project works well for me. Is there any way you can tap into a quote API or something instead of hard coding the quotes into the Javascript? Also, I think adding a small amount of padding to your #quoteDisplay selector, something like padding: 5px; will improve its readability.

The Local Weather app works well for me.

The other two projects don’t seem to work. The Twitch project seems like it might work, but the stream was offline when I looked at it.

The Wiki Viewer project doesn’t work when I type a search term into the field and press enter. It works if I click the search icon. I’m using Firefox, in case that helps to debug.

Hope that helps!

I can definitely attempt to tap into a quote API when I get back around to it, I tried one at first but it seemed a bit too much for me at the time. I’ll also keep your note in mind and take a look at how that changes things. As for the Wiki viewer, I couldn’t figure out how to make it work on the enter button, I can try looking at what I had before I scrapped it and fixing it though.

As for the twitch app, it seems like the challenge never really called for much other than a few basic things through the API. I’ll take a look back through it though to see if i can make it more interesting.

Thanks man, I appreciate the response.

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