Looking for feedback on my John Muir tribute page

Hi Everyone,

I would love any feedback that you could provide on my John Muir tribute page. Thank you in advance for your help!

  • John

Hello, John,
I like the tribute page you made.
Nice animation of photos.
Also three tabs with different texts are good.
For me photos are too big - you can try with smaller size, so more of the page to be visible.
Also, I saw a big thread Let discuss your Tribute page - I put the link to my project there.
Good work!

Good feedback! I have made the images a lot smaller.

Oh wow man! I made almost the same page as you! Even chose the same font and Wikipedia photo. A little different style on the background styling. I see you’re from California too, so that probably explains the attraction of Muir as a subject.

A note on your page, looks like there’s a lot of space between the photos and where the tabs start.

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