Looking for feedback on my QuoteMachine project

Hi there.

I am looking for critique on my Quote Machine project. You are invited to critique both code quality and design (the looks itself).

Don’t hold back anything on code quality, I can take any criticism. Don’t be too tough on design though, as this is the first page I have actually “designed”.

Here’s the link:
http://codepen.io/fabricioch/pen/ZBYaOa []

PS.: How does one post a link in this forum? I am having trouble posting a clickable link.

I think this works and looks for the most part really good.
I love that the box is static size so you don’t have move the mouse to get a new quote.

Anyways, with that said, you tweet this button label is bigger than the button, I’d correct that, aside from that I think it looks wonderful.

If you click the button more than once to go to the next quote, the quote will appear that number of times. For example, if I click the button twice, the quote appears twice. If I click it three times then it appears three times. Not a big deal, but something I noticed.

Hi there.

Fixed that. Should be working now.