Looking for long term pair programming

I’ve been “soloing” for a few years now and I’ve heard of pair programming and its benefits. I am hoping I can find someone to pair with that I can get to know as well, so I can “understand” their thinking and process.

Also for more selfish reasons, I would like this person to “keep me on track”. My goal has been to complete the Front End by the end of 2016, but I’m only half way through and time is running out (my fault though I overloaded my self with other things as well)! I’m taking classes in Perl, Ruby, and Bash scripting, and just recently returned to JavaScript through FCC, so it got a little confusing trying to continue the algorithm section.

It would be great to pair up with someone that I can learn from not just FCC, but other things. My background is the LAMP stack as well as jQuery UI and CodeIgniter (moving on to Laravel, something else I’m “learning”…), I know my way around computer hardware, and I used to do ActionScript.

My preference is at least voice chat (if you MMO FPS, you know voice chat is a godsend), and someone that can schedule consistently (doesn’t have to be daily, but reliable scheduling), as well as someone that I can learn from A LOT. My timezone is 8 PST.

Thank you everyone!

You might checkout the FCC Let’s Pair room. There is a lot of diversity in there, and you could possibly find the perfect partner. Not everyone checks out the forums on a regular basis.

I love your idea of pair programming and I am up for it. I will join the FCC Let’s Pair room. Hope to see you there.