Looking for More

My copartner and I are about to open a new business of freelance/remote workers. The position that we are looking to fill first is a graphic designer. My team consists of a photographer/front-end developer, a back-end developer/programmer, an international marketing director, and myself as a project manager and team lead.

An ideal candidate for us right now would be a Graphic Designer that has light coding skills. You don’t have to actually know how to code extensively, but just enough so that you are comfortable interfacing with a development team and our terminology. Simply put, just be able to create things and then be able to converse with coders lingo. We will not be expecting you to actually know anything more than a light understanding of HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

We are aiming to be a startup of remote workers. We detest the traditional work model and realize that people work best when they have freedom of their own schedules. The only thing that is required is that your work is done by the deadline.

You want to work 24/7 to complete a project with a 3-month deadline in a month? That is what we want our work environment to be. We want our business to meet goals and dates, not hours. You get your stuff done crazy fast, you will have more free time to yourself, and you will be paid the same. We are about deadlines, not hours.

My copartner and I have some “web inventions” that haven’t been done yet (yes, I check patents regularly). We are building a team simply because we want to see our visions come to life and we simply need more people to make this happen.

If you have your own ideas or inventions, great. Let’s be a team that can get all of our individual ideas created. Again, we want to be goal oriented and slaves to no one. We are creating this business to give us freedom. NO MORE CUBICLES!

For the paperwork side, my partner and I will be expecting our people to sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreements. This is to protect our individual ideas, as well as your genius ideas, so that we can talk freely and work on everyone’s individual projects during down time.

Once we are at the prototyping level we will probably do something like Kickstarter to get some more revenue to complete our inventions/visions. I am going to stop speaking for my partner and tell you about myself.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have already created 3 successful businesses from scratch that I have sold off. I will never work for the traditional model of offices and cubicles. Money and fortunes are made from a belief in what you are doing. I believe in myself and I will believe in you too.

I will be the head and forefront of our business, but I will never be a boss. I will just be the person that keeps us on track and will give you the support you need to succeed. I honestly believe that a leader simply provides directions and tools to help you succeed.

If you are interested, reply to this, and tell me a little about yourself.