Looking for pair programming anyone?

I have come to a point in the course where I lack motivation so I am looking to find a partner (or partners) to help me through the tougher parts of the course.

I am happy to help you by mentoring you if you help me too.
Ideally, you are motivated to complete the course, are dedicated to code almost every day and are happy to chat online.

Ideally you are near my time zone of GMT +0 but I can work around this.
I have done this in the past but one guy has lost interest in FCC, another guy has lost interest in coding and another got a job on the back of completing a full stack project.

If you are unsure about pair programming I would recommend it as it is good to discuss ideas with other students rather than relying on stackoverflow and chat rooms to get your help.

Note: I am roughly half way through the course and am currently working on Recipe App but I am not working through the course in order so have completed projects in each section.

Thanks for reading.


Well it’s a challenge so why not. :slight_smile:

Still looking… :eyes:

Hey JohnnyBizzel… I am keen to do some pair programming, but I’ve only been coding for about three months so I don’t know if that’s what you are looking for. I am highly motivated and want to code everyday, Send me a message if you’d like to talk better.



Anyone else at GMT +5:30(no issues with 2 hours before/after current GMT). I’m currently in Wikipedia viewer and can work at least half hour a day.

thanks for starting this topic:grinning:


Hey John, if your offer is still on, I’d love to join you! I’ve always dreamed of becoming a coder, and being in touch with passionate people who love to code seems like the right way to go. I think of myself as a beginner even though I’ve done quite a lot of coding.

I am from Czechia and if I am not mistaken, I am 2 hours ahead of you.

If interested, send me a PM.

Hi. I never done this before but looks fun.
I’m at the local weather challenge but I do have some programming background. If anyone is interested PM me.

Oh and I’m at GMT -3:00. But I have a lot o free time at the moment so I think I can work around diferents timezones

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I’m also looking to do pair programming. Working on the basic algorithm scripting/ Bonfire challenges. If anyone is interested in working or going over it with me it would be great. I had left if alone for a couple of days, but I still have the motivation to continue coding.

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Yo bro Code On! ya I’m new to coding but I am really down with a study buddy yo bro :slight_smile:
let me now ? front end at this point, just started bro. :sunny: happy coding !!

Finding people who pair program with you on a regular basis however if you ask in the LetsPair room on freeCodeCamp’s Gitter Chat you can find people pretty quick who want to pair code with others. As for staying motivated, what are you currently struggling with? If there’s something you are confused about something we’d be more than happy to help you. All of that being said - good luck finding someone to pair with :slight_smile:


I found using the “LetsPair” room not good because you often are working on very different things than the people in the room. The forum is better.
I am facing the larger projects now so just starting them is the hard part.
I will try to finish D3 and React in the next few weeks.
Then I still have Simon game and Full stack apps to do.
(You can see people’s progress on their freecodecamp page)


I have posted on "Let’s pair"this morning but no replies :confused:. It’s hard to find the right person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@JohnnyBizzel I am in EST time zone. Please email me here krittiyaclark@gmail.com

Anyone else at GMT +3 tme zone . willl try pair partner for html and css ?

@supermom I’m at every time zone! :grinning:

This is a great idea. I’m at gmt+9 in Japan though!!