Looking for tribute page feedback

Project Link - http://codepen.io/codejsp/pen/pRaxrO
Hello I was looking for some feedback for my tribute page code. This is my 3rd attempt at the same looking page after learning about symantics and I was wondering if it looks good. Also, I feel like I could have optimized my CSS better and add/combine some things or something like that :confused:. Thanks in advanced.

Here are some changes you can make.

header {
	max-width: 60%;

You can specify vw, px, em or percentage units in your text.

	font-size: 7vw;
	letter-spacing: 2vw;
	text-transform: uppercase;
h2 {
	font-size: 6vw;
	margin-top: -2%; 
	letter-spacing: 1.3vw;
	text-transform: uppercase;

Same above technique can be applied to h3 elements and any other text. By this method your text elements will change their size according to the viewport width.
Add some height and line-height to your copyright text.

#copyright {
   color: white;
   text-align: center;
   height: 50px;
   line-height: 50px;
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Viewports huh, I see… Thanks for your input :smile:. I’ll try using those from now on.