Lost access to account

I had been going through the FCC map for awhile last year and got to working on the React projects, then life got in the way, took a sharp turn, and I took a bit of a break. Unfortunately my old email is no longer active and I do not remember my password, so I cannot log in. Now I’ve gotten back into things and have a dungeon crawler ready to go but nowhere to put it!

Is there anyone to talk to about retrieving(/merging) the old account and changing the email? Or should I just upload all the (unchanged) project code I still have for the projects I already completely and just forget about the old account? It’s definitely not time consuming to upload code that is already complete, but it seems a shame to lose all the (required) scripting challenges as well if this isn’t too hard to change.

Thanks in advance!

If you don’t have your password or access to the email associated with the account, then giving you access to it would be a pretty big security no-no.

If you still remember your old username and you had your profile set to public, then you can view your old solutions through the profile and copy-paste them in for the new account. Remember that only the challenges marked with a * on the map are actually required, so there is not need to resubmit the rest.

Ya, it did seem a bit of a stretch as I couldn’t think of many ways to prove I’m me with the info required at sign up. I forgot I could see complete solutions though, and I do have my username, so using the new account and just copying the many scripting challenges shouldn’t be too hard if I’m in a rush. (Re-doing some old projects with the incredibly novice code probably wouldn’t hurt either!)

Thanks totally not a bot :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently work because viewing solutions in profiles has changed, but @JacksonBates made a tool to download them all at once: How to download all your freeCodeCamp solutions

Hm, not too sure what changed, but my solutions are appearing just fine. The projects link to my completed codepen pages (which I fortunately still have access to) and the challenges open a pop up with what appears to be correct code in the few I looked at so far.

The profile page works just fine, but Jackson’s tool doesn’t right now.

Oohhhh, I see, I misread. That’s not too much of an inconvenience, I’ll probably just spent a bit of time on the weekend going through everything since it’s been a few months anyway. Thanks again!