Lost My Solution Answer

Hello there,

I really enjoy learning many thing about JavaScript in Algorithm. I solved a lot of basic algorithm before this site changed. How can I get all my answer solution back into there?

Thank you for taking your time!


Sorry, I don’t have an answer. All of mine transferred over. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally create a new account? I did that by accident when I first logged in because of the different login.

Hmm…does this site connected to Github or email? I’m pretty sure I use my one email account for this site.

It used to connect differently, e.g. GitHub. Now, it uses passwordless auth, as explained by Q here.

I think the procedure I did to link my old account to the new auth method was to log out of FCC (not the forum, the learning site) and then go here.

Sorry for late reply. I just found out that after I solved the problem, the modal would popup and asked me to click for next challenge. I didn’t click it and my solution answer would stay there.