Lukino999 - Technical documentation page

Hi all,

Just posted my Technical documentation page on codepen.

Fairly easy project, loads of copy-paste though!

I used prism.js for syntax higlight.
To escape the code I used It saved me loads of time!!

Any thoughts please post them below!

Happy coding!

That’s a great looking page, I am going to look through your code and see if I can’t learn a thing or two. The two things that I would change if it was my page are:

  • The size of each section in your navigation, they are a little to large in my opinion.
  • Make it so the naviagation can be toggled in mobile view. If I am near the bottom of the page and want to view another section I need to scroll all the way back up. You could also add a “back to top” button in each section if you don’t want to change the navigation.
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I see what you say about the nav elements being a bit large and I did change them.
About the navigation, I guess I could do it with CSS only, but it goes beyond the requirements of the assignment and personally I am more interested in the next chapters so I wanna call it done. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tips!!

@lukino999 Your page looks very professional. I noticed that your menu is scrolling in mobile view. I would just have it extend to it’s full length instead of scrolling. That is the only suggestion I have for you. I am trying to get through these HTML/CSS projects quickly too so I can get to the Javascript. I do have to say they are good practice.

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