Mac, Windows or linux?

Why some people would rather use Mac?
This point for me is interesting, yesterday I see a video about road map of Web Developer and different Youtubers and would rather use Mac.

I’ve never understood people that prefer dark chocolate. I don’t think I ever will. I also never understood the appeal of a Mac. It is true though that they have some good software, especially for design. Perhaps youtubers like Mac because there is good video editing software.

But I am a mobile developer so I must use a Mac - iOS is very strict and you can’t (or it is very difficult) to develop iOS apps on anything other than an iOS machine. This is one of the things that I hated about Macs - they are so controlling and you always have to do things the way they want.

Me, I always liked Windows - I liked having the control to take things apart and fix them, things that Mac’s won’t let you do. I also like linux - I have a laptop running on that. Linux would be awesome if you could run everything on it - but a lot of software isn’t compiled for Linux so you are either SOL or you have to set up a bunch of emulators.

For me, the perfect system is a dual boot Linux/Windows.

What is your perfect system? That’s something you have to figure out for yourself.


It is all personal preference. Which operating system you use has no bearing on your quality as a programmer.

This though… Ima judge you hard core for not liking dark chocolate best :smiley:


I like your answer, I pref Windows, in my laptop I have ubuntu.
I think Mac have a advantage.

I think Mac has a huge advantage if you’re doing mobile. I don’t know if it has any other advantage for dev work - except of course for personal preference.


:drooling_face: I like dark chocolate, In Oaxaca, Mexico have a good chocolate. xD

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I’m close there. I’ve got Linux on the bare metal and then run Windows in a VM for testing with Edge and screen readers. I’m sure development in Windows has gotten much better over the years but I can’t give up the pure freedom that Linux provides. And for whatever reason I have never had a job that required Windows for development.

And I completely agree with you, I can’t stand Apple’s restrictive, holier-than-thou attitude. Bill Gates doesn’t seem to have a problem allowing me to run his OS in a VM, but yet Apple makes it illegal. Ya, I know, there are some workarounds if you are willing to put in the work, but I shouldn’t have to resort to pirating just to test with their Safari browser and VoiceOver. Happy to say I have never personally bought an Apple product and any macs I have used have been provided by my employer.

P.S. Dark chocolate is best.


For a long time you couldn’t develop iOS apps on any other kind of computer, so if you were developing for Apple, you had to develop on Apple. Now that there are more options for developing, that may not be true anymore.

Other than that, it all comes down to personal preference, cost, and inter-team compatibility.

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@FernandoBL The computer that a person buys depends on their financial circumstances. Some people would rather buy used computers and save lots of money. You can use any operating system to do development.

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