What OS do you prefer to use?

What OS do you prefer to use? (and why, if you like to comment)

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • other

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This poll is running for one month.

I use both Windows and Linux. At work my desktops are Windows, but our code lives on Linux servers so I have an SSH terminal(s) open constantly. For personal use, my main computer is Windows but I also have an Ubuntu laptop for tasks that are easier to do on Linux. Additionally I will often use a Linux VM for a playground when I want to test something.

I prefer to use Linux, it is open source and I like how you can adapt it to your needs (hey, you even can compile it on your own), imho Apple and Microsoft are providing a “given” user experience within closed source boundaries.

I agree with that. Linux gives you lots of freedom. and it’s easy to develop on it. For example,

sudo apt-get install git

And that’s pretty much it :slight_smile: I hope more people will get to know Linux.

I am using:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 on my Notebook,
  • Kali 2018.2 on my Raspberry and
  • Android 8.1 on my Smartphone

Small in size, easy to configure and easy to update in one go.
Updating software was my main reason to change away from Windows.
The only drawback is the lack of support for many games, but I don’t play.

Windows and Mac OS are the best

I use a Mac at work, but my personal computer is Linux. They are broadly equivalent in terms of appropriateness for coding, but I have to admit I’m quite fond of the ease of use for things like screen recording on the Mac. Linux equivalents are usually not as good.

That said, my preference is for Linux, for ideological reasons. I believe in open source for everything as much as possible :slight_smile:

I use Linux (Debian + Gnome) and very happy. I miss some things, of course, but for coding I think it’s a great system. I used MacOS and also very happy with the OS, not so happy with the overpriced hardware though. Of course I use Windows now and then and I think version 10 is a huge leap forward if compared to previous versions.

If we could have every application on the market on Linux, Mac and Windows, I would choose Linux.

Linux all the way! I switched to Ubuntu last year when I was studying on The Odin Project and I must admit it was a big change from Windows 10. The freedom you receive is well worth it though.

Ubuntu just upgraded to 18.04.01 the other day and the new lock screen and interface is rather sleek.

Keep in mind if you switch to Linux and you’ve never messed around with it before that it will seem like a big downgrade cosmetically and you won’t be able to play hardly any games if you’re into computer gaming. Either have linux as a dual boot or accept that fact beforehand!

Actually using bot SO linux and windows! its nice to work,

I use Mac most of the time, except when I need Visual Studio. For that, I have a bootcamp Windows partition. I also have several Raspberry Pis. So I guess you could say I use all of them.