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The code is working and everything is fine, but when I need to test I do not find the same results as in the test. In fact, removing the users with less than 200 ratings and the books with less than 100 ratings removes the book titles from the answer. That’s why I haven’t been able to pass the challenge. Has anyone faced the same issue? and if so can someone help me?

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Challenge: Book Recommendation Engine using KNN

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No, the data cleaning or processing shouldn’t remove the recommended books in the test from the set, so something is wrong. The is (was?) a problem with the test as it had four books instead of five and they were in the reverse order, but that’s not your problem.

I’ll have to take a closer look later and get back, but the cleaning and processing part of this project is very sensitive to order and small details so any little thing may be creating the problem.

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Yes I ve changed the preprocessing order and it worked :smiley: Thank you

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